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Partea Knits

Naturally Dyed - Wool Top

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One-of-a-kind, hand dyed, soft wool top for spinning, weaving or crafting
This round of natural dyes were made with avocado skins


Bluefaced Leicester / combed wool top
100% wool / 24-28 micron
approx. 100g/3.5oz

Organic merino / combed wool top
100% wool / 21.5 micron
approx. 100g/3.5oz


Hand dyed in small batches with natural dyes made in-house

Care Instructions:
Hand wash cold with mild detergent or wool wash, gently squeeze out excess water (do not wring) and lay flat to dry.
Our naturally dyed fibers are rinsed thoroughly, however some colour bleeding may occur in the first few washes. 
Store out of direct sunlight to reduce colour fading.

Colours may vary slightly due to individual screen settings