Climate Crisis in British Columbia

Climate Crisis in British Columbia

As some of you may have seen, and others are experiencing first hand, BC is seeing the impacts of climate change with flooding and landslides in many areas. Images from around the province are staggering and the impact is likely to be long lasting. There are two things to be aware of with this situation, as it relates to Partea Knits: 

First, until further notice, $1 from each skein sold will be donated to folks around the province impacted by the current state of emergency. Specifically, we will be spreading donations around to the various GoFundMe fundraisers listed here

Second, Canada Post has announced that there will be delays in delivery, so we ask that you are patient and do apologize for the inconvenience. 

We are grateful to be geographically unaffected by this up in the north, and we are devastated to see what people are having to go through. 

Stay safe. 

Melissa & Brendan 

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